Time Work


Books & Textbooks

  • There are approximately 10,000 titles available in the library with 2,500 in the fiction collection. Books are available on a two-week renewable loan (provided they are not on reserve or new titles). Students are permitted to have up to eight (8) books (4 fiction, 4 non-fiction) on loan at any one time (excluding textbooks). All books must be issued by the librarian before they leave the library.
  • Reference books are available for use in the library.
  • We encourage students to utilise the City Library as a complement to our collection.
  • Textbooks are stored in the upstairs Resource Room and are issued to students via the library system.

Students are responsible for the return of their library books and textbooks to the library at the end of the year (if not before).

Book Purchases

You are most welcome to suggest any titles, topics and authors that you would like to see in our library to the librarian.


We maintain some magazine subscriptions that are generally popular with the students. However, they tend to have a very short shelf life, and due to this, they are not available for issue. Magazine suggestions are welcome.


We have a student DVD section. Students are permitted to issue two (2) DVDs at a time from the student DVD section for one (1) week. The student DVD section is located in the fiction area of the library.


The library currently has five computers available for student use. Each student has their ID and password to access the computers.

Photocopying & Printing

The library copier/printer is available for students. It prints A4 and A3, black & white and colour. Students need their student ID number to access the photocopy.  This can be found on their student ID card or can be provided by the librarian. Any issues with the photocopy should be reported to the librarian.

Library Orientations

If you are new to the school and would like a tour of the library or a lesson on how to use library equipment, please ask the librarian, and this will be arranged.

Careers and STAR & Gateway

The room adjacent to the Library is home to our Careers, STAR and Gateway section. Students are encouraged to browse through the Careers resources.

Library Rules

  • All jackets and bags to be left at the door, just inside the room. There is a bag rack on the wall as you enter and overflow can be lined up along the front of the shelves. Do not block the entrance.
  • Noise in the library is OK but no more than a quiet conversational level. Please be respectful of others using the library.
  • No food or drink permitted in the library (except water in lidded bottles).
  • Issues will not be renewed unless the book is produced.
  • Expect to pay for any lost or non-returned books.
  • Reference books and magazines are not to be removed from the library.
  • Desks and furniture to be left tidy, chairs in, and non-borrowed books to be placed in the library trolley for re-shelving.
  • Library items are not to leave the library without being issued. Issuing will be by library staff and student librarians only.
  • Students wishing to use the library during class time must have a note from their teacher.