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After all the uncertainty that this year has brought, we were delighted to be able to go on our school camp! We had spent the first part of term 4 preparing with the students planning the majority of the activities, food and fun. The context of our learning was around the book ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ where we learned about the highs and lows of the christian journey. We travelled out to Camp Kilsby in Linton on Monday morning where we stayed for two nights. The weather was beautiful and perfect conditions for camping. The students pitched their tents and explored the campsite before starting to cook their dinner over the open fire. There were some delicious dishes on offer such as sauteed asparagus, pancakes and caramel sauce and the great Kiwi fry up. The second day was spent moving through the activities the students had planned. This was the chance for the students to see how all the prior planning paid off and enabled them to carry out a successful activity. The grand finale was the arrival at the Celestial City which was the water slide. During camp, skills such as resilience, relating to others, managing self, participating and contributing and problem solving were developed and strengthened.   We want to thank Mr Amoah who led our worship time with singing and the lessons. We did this out in God’s creation around an open fire and it was epic. Mr Wright, Mrs Tooley, Mrs Paul, Ms Davidson, Mike Rehu and all of our 56 students helped to make our camp the success it was. Thank you Lord!  
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